Sheffield Back Massage Therapy

Derek French is a specialist in Back Massage Therapy in Sheffield and has many clients who return for regular visits. Regular massage treatment not only relieves back ache but also ensures the muscles in your back stay mobile and ache free, which is the primary concern of anyone who has ever had back problems in the past.

Derek's back massage techniques are equally suitable for physical people who do a lot of sport and also people who suffer with back injuries from their work. Back muscle tension can build up from daily routines such as long hours driving or prolonged sitting at a computer screen. Whatever the reason for you back ailments Derek French's massage treatments for backs will alleviate aches and pains that can be a blight on many peoples lives.

Other benefits of back massages

Other benefits of Back massage therapy also include decrease in depression, anxiety and also improved sleep.

Derek not only provides back therapy he also performs many other massage treatments in Sheffield from his Ecclesall Road clinic.

Contact Derek French

For any sports therapy information or to book an appointment please call Derek on 07967 937296 or fill out the short form below.